Virtual Reality

VR: Towards new, virtual learning environments

Join us in a new dimension of e-learning! Easy learning through VR!

Virtual Reality Headsets

With the introduction of modern, affordable virtual reality headsets in the past few years, the use cases have also grown.

Imagine, you could walk on Mars and look at the Earth from the Red Planet.

Or take a trip into microscopic worlds and explore the inside of a human cell…

Opportunities for virtual reality in e-learning

What is better? To read about a topic and look at drawings or explore a glass car virtually?

The learning effect is much higher, when the learners can immerse themselves in the material.

By the way, on immersion: With VR, learners can also safely try risky situations and practice.

Be it a surgical procedure or the proper behavior in a burning office building – effects, results and consequences can be simulated realistically and safely.

Opportunities for sales

Core applications fields are fields, in which risks and costs can be reduced.

But there are also new opportunities for sales: Walk-in products and prototypes for customer feedback, but also VR showrooms for the sales or 3D planning presentations of a kitchen studio.

  • Better learning with immersion in the material
  • Simulation of dangerous or costly scenarios

  • Safe learning from mistakes

  • Enrich your Onboarding strategy


The possibilities of virtual reality make it a valuable option for e-learning. Take advantage of these opportunities for your company and make an appointment with us.

Our experts are happy to show you the advantages of VR!