Take advantage of the power of images

Videos have two decisive advantages over text: They are very vivid and provide emotional access to the content. Especially the emotional access makes learning new things easier.

Quick and easy

As videos are very vivid, they offer the possibility to display complex products, processes or problem solutions.

By using show and tell you can get to the point in just a few minutes.

Versatile application

Cameras in smartphones and tablets for example allow mobile documentation of problem solving at the workplace.

These videos can serve as illustrative material that is shared and commented on in training portals. They can also be integrated learning content in the form of a professionally created video.

The video formats are as versatile as the applications: They range from explanatory videos to large-scale training movies and video-based software training as well as filmed repairs by technicians.

Cost-effective and modern

Not only since the “Generation YouTube” have people come to expect videos as a natural part of training and education.

Already in the 1970s, we have produced video-based training solutions for leading companies such as BMW, Daimler-Benz or Raiffeisen.

At this time, the production was a herculean tasks. Nowadays, however, learning videos are cost-effective and can be easily spread.

What we can do for you

Our video studio offers a wide selection of different videos for a variety of applications:

  • Company presentations
  • Video documentation (manuals, repair manuals, etc.)
  • Interview documentation (consultation, telesales, lectures, etc.)
  • Product launches and shows

In addition, we produce videos such as:

  • Training movies (show – do)
  • Tutorials (moderated content provision)
  • Learning movies (self-learning)
  • TV-spots/commercials/infomercials

Get a headstart with our videos!

No matter if it concerns training, sales or marketing. Use the advantages that videos have to offer for behavioral or sales training as well as for introducing complex topics. We deliver tailor-made content with classic conversation scenes, exciting outdoor shoots or explanatory cartoon videos.

We are happy to hear from you – contact us today!