When the boss takes the floor

The “Tone from the Top”, also known as “Remarks from the Management” can be used in various forms: Welcoming new employees during Onboarding, short video sequences within e-learning courses, emphasizing the importance of compliance or providing motivational words during a product presentation.

Walk the talk

Tone-from-the-top videos can work wonders: They can increase motivation, raise awareness of the importance, strengthen the ties with the company or encourage employees in difficult situations.

We create videos that will inspire your employees.

For the good stuff

By using our longstanding experience, we can ensure that your videos will have the desired effect.

We can put your message in the spotlight and strengthen your words.

We provide everything from one hand: We consult and coordinate with you during all production steps – from planning to storyboarding and post-editing.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Longstanding experience in the video production
  • Own studio and well-rehearsed processes
  • The entire process from a single source
  • Cost-effective and efficient

We can help you

Use our know-how for your video project – we can guarantee the reliable, professional and cost-effective production of your communication goals. Contact us for more information!