The best way to get new employees on board

Companies often face challenges when integrating new employees: How do you connect them with the company? How can you make them into brand ambassadors?

How can employees quickly and targeted be made to provide productive work in a company?

Even the coffee machine is important

You cannot hide from classical training activities.

But we have made them better: Various media and methods such as e-learning, social media, videos and quizzes support the professional Onboarding of new employees.

Within this, we also support the important “coffee break” – it connects the new colleague by providing personal contact.

Hard facts and soft skills

The integration of new employees is more than simple knowledge transfer.

With our Onboard-APP, new employees are addressed in an emotional way.

Whether an employee identifies with a brand, a product, a vision or the company philosophy is strongly related to feelings. This provides the basis for successful Onboarding.

Take advantage of the Onboarding opportunities

Filling open positions often results in costs. Therefore, it is important to quickly and sustainably connect the chosen candidate with the company. The first weeks at a new workplace are paramount:

  • During these weeks, the employees decide, whether they want to stay with the new employer. Therefore, you should be attentive and show appreciation!
  • New employees bring their own social networks. And especially at the beginning, they talk a lot about their new employer. Take this as a chance!
  • As a matter of fact, new employees are motivated and curious. Oftentimes, this opportunity passes unused. Try to use this motivation and curiosity in a target-oriented way!

We combine facts with networking, motivation and training. This ensures sustainable Onboarding of new employees.