Your Learning Management System for service and sales

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are the very basis for modern learning at every company. Employees and learning content are connected, learning groups exchange information via the LMS and the learning goal is saved. All in one. Across locations and country borders.

Easy and powerful

The New Academy is a mobile LMS, which especially helps you to increase the efficiency of your sales force.

By using responsive design, it can be used on all end devices and is displayed in the same quality on desktop PCs, laptops, tablets or Smartphones.

Flexible and comfortable

Each project is different – that is why we have created the flexible New Academy.

By using additional modules, you can tailor the LMS to the specific requirements of your qualification profile. For this, we offer a powerful package solutions!

Your advantages at a glance

  • All in one

  • Support your sales force

  • Responsive design guarantees use on all end devices

  • Cost-effective package solutions

Impressive arguments

The New Academy offers a combination of simple yet powerful options. Our LMS is able to bridge location and device boundaries. Powerful and cost-effective package solutions provide comfortable use.

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