Solutions for the mobile generation

The rise of mobile devices is inevitable: Smartphones and tablets have already overtaken PCs and laptops in popularity.

Over 50% of users use the internet with these new devices. This offers tremendous chances – and we can help you to utilize these

“APPsolutely” in tune with times

You can take advantage of the digital change by using multi-functional applications for mobile devices.

For this, you need fast, flexible and mobile learning solutions. We as a development partner can support you with special applications, broad learning content or tailor-made concepts.

By using responsive design, we can ensure that your target groups can learn across all end devices seamlessly and without a loss in quality. Our applications are available on desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and Smartphones in the same quality.

Take advantage of the possibilities of mobile learning

Smartphones or tablets accompany us (almost) anytime and anywhere.

This greatly increases the use radius and application options of your e-learning courses. Employees can learn anywhere and access work-related and needs-oriented learning content.

Mobile e-learning becomes a problem-solver and an assistant.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Fast and flexible learning solutions

  • Work-related and needs-oriented learning
  • Multi-functional applications for all popular mobile devices

  • Customized apps and learning content
  • Responsive design offers seamless use on all end devices in the same quality

Manifold advantages

Mobile learning goes beyond classic tutorials and online training courses. Mobile learning goes beyond classic tutorials and online training courses. Portable devices offer employees with mobile workstations new forms of work-related learning. This means that service employees, sales reps or managers can use learning content with which the borders between learning, acquiring information and problem-oriented assistance are blurred.

Take advantage of the many benefits of mobile learning and contact us for your personal consultation: