the versatile workplace help

Learning “just in time”

QuickTipps offers support exactly when you need it. No waiting times, cost-efficient and without detours.

Your time matters, but sometimes you are unaware of your knowledge gaps when working with Microsoft Office applications.

You will be surprised

Questions, such as the correct use of a feature, the most-used program features or the classic case – where you can find the correct commands in the menu ribbon – just occur during your work and demand a quick, uncomplicated solution.

Practical help at work

This solution is available in the form of QuickTipps.

The practical MS Office add-in is directly integrated into the application programs.

You can access an extensive pool of professionally prepared, simulation-based approaches.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Rapid, cost-effective support at the workplace
  • Extensive pool of solutions
  • Integrated directly into the application
  • Interactive command search

  • Stop annoying your colleagues with questions
  • Relief of first-level support
  • Creates quick productivity with new Microsoft Office versions

Microsoft Office Quicktipps