It’s all about information

The Internet of Things (IoT) connects machines, devices, objects and persons with one another. All these “players” have an ID and are able to independently exchange information across a network.

What sounds like Science Fiction has long since become reality: Just think of smart thermostats, which are able to autonomously measure a room’s temperature. Or smart refrigerators, which recognize when milk is running low or food is approaching its use-by date.

Chance: Increase efficiency

Be it by measuring the fill level of soap dispensers or measuring the wear of machines: Refills or replacements can be ordered on time (even automatically).

This means, you can avoid downtimes due to malfunctions and save costs for repairs.

Forewarned is forearmed

Also in the field of e-learning, the possible use cases are manifold and impressive: Just imagine, if sensors could recognize that an employer incorrectly performs an action.

The LMS integrated into the network then chooses suitable training contents and further trainings.

With this you can avoid production errors, customer claims, health threats and expensive further costs.

All advantages at a glance

  • Eliminating downtimes by providing permanent control

  • Reducing costs through efficient use of resources

  • Improving current processes

  • Preventing and correcting faults as early as possible

Start small, aim high

The possibilities are sheer endless, so you should start with small projects and take it from there. Use existing systems and find out, how you can increase efficiency by using the IoT.

We will support you during the integration of the Internet of Things into your training and education processes.