It fits your area of expertise

Manifold application options: Expand your compliance training by using game elements, let learners try imitating real decisions in a game-based environment or quiz them on their product knowledge. The types of games or use cases are endless.

Gamification for a fun learning experience

The main goal is to transfer knowledge via games.

By using educational games in lessons or company trainings, different learning targets can be reached more easily.

What needs to be done, needs to be done

Already during our time at school, some subjects were more interesting than others. Still, there was no way past the uninteresting ones.

E-learning applications are no exception to this.

Some online courses are mandatory and topics are rather dry.

High learning motivation is needed to create a sustainable learning effect in these cases.

Game-based learning can greatly enhance your learning strategy.

It motivates learners and creates additional incentives and rewards – however, it is important that the play-like character does not take over or the incentive for participating is lost.

An overview of some options

  • Puzzle games to test context knowledge
  • Linking reality and game (e.g. virtual reality)
  • Simulations, for example for economic or technical topics
  • Quizzes to test the acquired knowledge

Learning on the fly

Learning is a complex process. With game-based learning, the learning process happens “on-the-fly”. Learners using games are motivated, engaged and emotionally involved – this in turn accelerates the learning process and increases the learning effect.

Challenge your employees to a game! We are happy to support you