In-depth knowledge for economic performances

Entrepreneurial spirit is a key requirement not only for the self-employed, but also for employees within the economy. To ensure professional success it is important to know, how the economy works.

Knowledge is power

If you are foreign to concepts such as the GDP, allocation, economic cycles or convergence criteria, the ESC can help you. This internationally recognized Entrepreneur’s Skills Certificate provides basic operational and economic knowledge.

4 modules for success

Holders of the ESC will know, how the economy or a company works. The content of the course is divided into 4 modules. Each module finishes with a certificate exam.

  • Module A: Basic economic relationships

  • Module B: National economics

  • Module C: Business administration basics

  • Module UP: Additional business administration content

We can help you!

We can support you in the preparation for the ESC: With e-learning courses on all modules of the ESC, usable online or offline via CD. Textbooks complement the e-learning courses and provide more detailed information at a glance.

Your advantages:

  • Economically recognized training certificate
  • Better career prospects on the economic market
  • Better opportunities for young entrepreneurs
  • University/University of Applied Sciences: A head start in economic subjects

What are you waiting for

Take advantage of the opportunities the ESC has to offer to your career, studies or self-employment path. Test our demo content today!