Learning is a game

The e-learning application edu.ell provides a fun way to test know-how. With it, the Smartphones of the learners are actively and constructively integrated into the learning process. In the form of a virtual competition, learners “duel” each other on who can answer more of the selected questions correctly.

Making learning fun and providing feedback on learning success

The evaluation of success is an integral feature of each learning measure.

Edu.ell makes this easy: Trainers and teachers can use the quiz questions to define learning goals and anonymously evaluate results to obtain information on the learning success.

Promoting communication in an easy way

Learning groups or courses often consist of a bunch of people, who don’t know each other well.

It always takes some time to “warm up” and create a group dynamic. Edu.ell is played with a known, easy-to-use tool.

It promotes communication within a group or a course.

Advantages at a glance

  • Methodical enrichment of teaching by using game elements
  • Usable for all topics and for projects between groups
  • Increases the appeal of “unpopular” trainings and topics

  • Success evaluation and feedback for educators

  • Promotes academic exchange between course and group members
  • Using the Smartphone as a learning medium
  • Feedback on the knowledge base

  • A way for introverts to express themselves

Take advantage of the opportunities that edu.ell has to offer and get information now.