One solution solving many challenges

In times of growing internationalization and standardization, we need uniform and efficient methods to measure education and quality standards across country and language borders. Be it the evaluation of applicant competencies or exams at schools and universities: e-testing is THE solution.

A wide range of use cases

No matter which test scenario you want to create: e-testing can be used for certifications, competence analysis, school and university exams, Onboarding processes, competitions, recruitment and for school leaving certifications as well as e-education needs.

e-testing: Impressive arguments

Cost efficiency, objectivity and compatibility with existing systems – e-testing fulfills all these criteria and can do even more: You receive automated results, are able to integrate these into your education processes and use it almost anywhere.

  • Multiple choice + text: For MC tests, correlations or fill-in-the-gap

  • Simulation: Equipment or process simulation, decision-making simulation

  • In-application: Exams are available directly in the software applications

Example: the competence check

Evaluating the competencies of a candidate and his or her practical knowledge is a core pillar of the recruitment process. Our “Interactive Test Studio” ITSR2 can help you in this: You can automatically evaluate skills in the field of office, internet, email, spelling and foreign languages – the results are also automatically evaluated. You can utilize transparent data to support your sound decision making process.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Fast, needs-based identification of practical knowledge
  • Transparent selection process
  • Pre-selection of the applicant flood
  • Cost- and time-effective preparation and editing

Save time and cost

Use e-testing to make your selection process more transparent, save time and cost in the pre-selection and gain valuable insights on interests and talents of tested persons.

We are happy to support your decision-making process based on objective knowledge!