3 components of successful compliance training

Recognizing the need for training and reacting by providing training and communication are very important components of compliance training. However, monitoring the training success is equally important. Our compliance learning management ensures that your trainings are efficiently rolled-out and monitored.

Avoiding risks, providing legal security

The economic success of your company is tied to whether your employees act according to the law and other regulations.

The easiest way to convey rules, regulations and laws is by using trainings and communication.

Informed employees and a high performance level are key to observing the compliance guidelines.

A broad range of standard trainings and communication components

Our innovative training and communication solutions cover all important compliance issues: Content ranges from money laundering, anti-corruption and Code of Conduct to antitrust law, embargo information and export control as well as fraud prevention and financial sanctions.

In addition, we cover many topics in the fields of company security and health management.

Room for customization and optimization

Do you have a specific compliance issue?

We can provide customized e-learning solutions for your company.

Kill two birds with one stone: Take advantage of the price of a standard solution and get a cost-effective, tailor-made e-learning solution.

Our learning programs have received multiple awards and will lead your company towards sustainable compliance.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Advice on training and communication campaigns
  • Wide range of standard programs
  • Customized individual solutions
  • Monitoring of learning progress
  • 45 minutes of learning time per course
  • Standard language German, customization for all languages
  • Customization options
  • Creates sustainable compliance awareness

Knowledge creates security

With our systematic trainings you can help your employees to follow current regulations and prevent dangers to your companies. Don’t hesitate to contact us – we will happily support your compliance project!