DIY e-Learning – easy, fast and uncomplicated

The SITOS Authoring Tool combines several basic features: You can create effective web-based trainings quickly and cost-efficiently. Without any programming knowledge you are able to create powerful e-learning content.

Our experience – your benefit

This tool was developed based on our daily project work. We have used our experience and practice to create interactive WBTs.

No limits to your design needs: You can use a number of templates and customize them to your company’s needs.

Fit for the mobile future

Web-based training in a modern setting. Modern life does not only happen online, but also more and more mobile.

We have implemented this trend: With the WBTplus mobile extension you can easily create or update content for all common Smartphones and tablets – not only your sales team will profit!

Your advantages at a glance

  • A production environment that is adapted to your needs

  • Create WBTs without prior programming knowledge
  • Cost-effective and quick production

  • Standard templates customized to your company

The most important features:

  • WYSIWYG editor, i.e. you can immediately see the result of your work
  • High flexibility and adaptability of roles, processes, templates and logic
  • Common, always online and accessible working platform for teams

  • Use WBTplus mobile to create mobile learning content for tablets and Smartphones

A solid basis

3 different models of cooperation have proven themselves to us during our longstanding experience: Self-production by the customer, co-production or production provided by us.

Whichever you prefer – SITOS Authoring is the perfect basis to build upon.